Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twitter Feed on Blogger? Where is it?

I've had a twitter feed on my blogger account for some time now, or at least, I thought I did.

No longer. The gadget for twitter feeds merely offers the opportunity to subscribe to my twitter account and does not display my tweets.

I must have missed the argument between Google Plus and Twitter.

It's exceedingly annoying that I can't be as social as I would like. LinkedIn has also stopped publishing twitter feeds.

I suppose it was only to be expected. Everyone falls out in the end.

Whatever happened to long distance wifi?

Three or four years ago I was anticipating the introduction of long range wifi services which would enable me to use my iPod Touch effectively, much like a smartphone.

It never happened. Perhaps there would have been a problem with erratic signals. Who can say?

I really don't know if there was a problem with the technology, but it seems to me that there was no interest in developing it because it wouldn't make any money.

Mobile phone companies seem to be the mainstay of most stock exchanges, so business has no interest in providing low cost solutions.

UK mobile companies invested mega-bucks in installing 3G technology and paying for licences, so there has been no interest in going 4G.

The USA, having been confined to dial up internet for so long has leap frogged us and now runs 4G. Of course, the equipment is incompatible with European telecoms equipment so the 4G slot in my Motorola Xoom is likely to remain redundant.

Well, Orange and T-Mobile have taken the plunge and are now offering Everything, Everywhere on 4G. Presumably, the costs of setting up 3G have been more or less recouped. But, naturally, I'd need to buy a new phone. I am really reluctant to take on a contract offering a phone as you end up paying more than it's worth, certainly by the end of the contract.

I did succumb earlier this year when I discovered Virgin Mobile was offering smartphone contracts at the same price that I was continuing to pay for my trusty Nokia. Thus I now have 3 smartphones. My'ancient' HTC for my ancient Orange account, a Samsung Galaxy II for my 3 account, the most cost effective of all plans at the time I took it on, and a Samsung Ace for my Virgin Mobile account, which is the number that I give everyone just in case they might want to call me.

Except that Virgin have neglected to reduce the tariff as they promised - TWICE!

Seriously fed up with mobile phone companies.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

INWI in Morocco - mobile broadband with flair

Did I tell you I'd succumbed to smartphones? Not one, but two! I bought an HTC Desire in April 2010, but got completely fed up with it within a year because the battery failed, AND it complained of low memory whenever I tried to access Twitter.

So I bought a Samsung Galaxy II. What a phone! I can't imagine being without it now. And it never complains about shortage of memory.

I have been obliged to take a contract with 3mobile, as 3mobile was the most competitively priced at the time. But then I also have to put up with dilatory speeds and frequent lapses of coverage.

Which is what makes my experience with mobile broadband provider INWI in Morocco so remarkable. Friends, if you are travelling to Maroc, be sure to look for the INWI booth in the arrivals hall. I hope your experience will be the same as mine.

No problem about providing a 3G mobile broadband SIM for just 5 days' use. The guy switched the SIM in my Galaxy for me, and got the phone working. I had constant, unfailing mobile broadband coverage the whole time I was in the Tangier area last October, even when out in the middle of apparently nowhere.

No British mobile service provides this level of service in my experience. And it was only £6 for 5 days' use. Terrific when you're visiting for short periods.

The SIM will still be valid when I return, (I hope), and I can simply recharge it. YEESS!